REVIEW: Moon’s Ostrich #1

PUBLISHER: Forward Comix
Written/Illustrated by Jerome S Walford

Animal machines, that kind of reflect their users have been around for ages, going as far back as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  This element is only part of Jerome Walford’s Moon’s Ostrich from Forward Comix.

The issue starts right in the middle of Moon’s attempt to recover her Ostrich.  Along the way, we get an inner monologue that serves to help fill in the blanks.  It come to light that the Ministry of Power are the bad guys, Moon is an inventor, prodigy extraordinaire who bested people at The annual Young Inventor’s Science Fair International.

Walford is the writer and artist on the book, producing a high quality looking book. The script has an easy going feel to it that will suite a variety of readers.  The inner monologue also has the same feel, with the only issue I see is that the dialogue explains circumstances, that by rights, should be clear via the art.

Looking at the book, I think the Walford’s strength is the art.  His style, in this book, comes across lix a mix of  a Disney style book mash with a little bit of Damian Wayne, without the violence. Walford works hard to give Moon’s world a real feel, the controls of the Ostrich is a great example as is the steam powered weapons.  The colors used in the book, change from mass colored  backgrounds that minimize details, to a more detail orientated style, each method working well when used.

This high quality looking book is aimed at “all ages”.  I can certainly see the attraction of having a super intelligent kid who creates a mechanical ostrich; on face value its an absurd idea but in practice the pair carries a lot charm.  Whilst I may be too cynical to truly enjoy the book, I can definitely  see how the book is attractive to the creative dreamers inside us all.

You can purchase a copy from comiXology here

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