REVIEW: Moonstruck #1

This beautifully colourful comic is a fantastic first issue. Full of interesting characters mixed with a little sass and a great script, I totally enjoyed reading this LGBTQ friendly comic. It is suitable for all ages and the story flows well. The illustration is a mix of anime, adventure time and cartoon styles. It is very pretty to look at and totally engaging for the reader.

We begin our story in the Black Cat café where Julia and Jeez work. Julia is trying to convince Jeez that her new girlfriend is perfect. And what does any good BFF do? he being to tease her (also just so you know Jeez is a centaur). This is how you know your BFF’s.  With that Julia takes her break, leaving Jeez feeling a little bad but she reassures him that all is good and that she is just going to read her Pleasant Mountain Sisters book. This one is her new crushes favourite one so she wants to re-read it and make sure she didn’t miss anything good in it when she read it last. This is super cute as my niece would say. We get to see a page of the book in question which also sports Julia’s notes.

While trying to read in peace a window from above breaks and bamf down flies Mark in is bat form. Desperately trying to hide from the mountain that is Lindi (side note she is super scary because she has snakes for hair). She is annoyed with the Mark for yet again leaving the band. This seems to be a regular thing. Lindi goes on to argue with Mark and when Julia tries to defend him Lindi turns her anger on to her. This is not a good thing as she tries to enrage Julia, this is something Julia is trying to control as she is a shape shifter and doesn’t want to lose it in public.

Julia runs back into the café where Jeez is flirting like crazy with his favourite customer Manuel. He tells Julia that they have run out of some stock and could she please go get some more. This is just so he has more time with Manuel. So off she goes, happy to do so because she can text her new crush on the way.

Interesting things follow and we get to meet other interesting characters which abilities of their own. We also get to see Julia in her animal form which she is not too happy about.

This is a great comic and I personally look forward to more. 4 out of 5!

Story: Grace Ellis
Art: Kate Leth, Shae Beagle
Cover: Shae Beagle

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