REVIEW: Morgan’s Organs #1

Morgan’s Organs takes place in two different BUT same worlds: the outside world, where we see the main character of the story Morgan navigate daily  life, and the internal world, a little similar to Inside Out but not focusing on the emotions but body parts instead, it’s here where we meet the band of characters living inside Morgan, going about their daily responsibilities.

The story beings in the bedroom of a sleeping young man, Morgan, whom is drooling and talking in his sleep, we move to another “bedroom” and it is here where we meet Bran the Brain, who wakes up due to the sudden noises, he rushes to his “computer” to see that Morgan was having a “wet dream” which was not “programmed” by him and boy whatta a dream! He immediately sends a wake up signal to Morgan and it is over. We then also get introduced to the other “cast members” as they are upset that the show is over. Bran the Brain goes to investigate who or what overrode his programming and here the title of this story becomes ever clear, as Bran confronts Pepe the Pecker who openly admits he was just having fun! It’s Bran the Brain Vs Pepe the Pecker!

The hilarity begins from here as Bran just wants Morgan to do what is right in life, study and be at full potential, whereas Pepe just wants to have a good time and be engaged in adult adventures due to the fact that he hasn’t seen any action in quite a while and due to his attempt to manipulate the programming Bran is in a sense locking up Pepe. But the outside world also has it’s influences as we meet Morgan’s boys who are picking on him due to his lack of getting “laid”. Slowly the other body parts begin to get involved in this quest to get Morgan some lovin’ as Pepe is going to war! There is an American Pie type scene in an elevator which is hilarious and leads to another funny scene later on in the book! We even get to meet the female versions of the body parts in the story, buy the book to meet them!

While the series does tackle some mature themes suited to an adult audience, Daniel hopes that his comic series actually says something honest about human nature from a fresh and humorous perspective and in my opinion Daniel has succeeded! I’m sure many males can relate to some of the shenanigans of this title. We all have been dry at some point, got picked on (pressured) and maybe went for something we didn’t really want. The story has a great pace, the characters introduced are funny and relatable (not something you find a lot nowadays). Daniel lays out a wonderful story that I, no WE,  need to read more of!

The art is great, Robert brings to life the world of Morgan’s organs with a clean, animated style that I thoroughly enjoyed and fit the book perfectly! The colors are fantastic as well.

This is an amazing rookie effort by Brodie and Jennex, I can see this being an Adult Swim animated show (hint, hint)! I look forward to more! 5/5 Stars

Writer: Daniel Brodie
Artist: Robert Jennex

To learn more about the project &  to get a copy of Morgans Organs #1 for yourself, visit the official Kickstarter page.

Let’s meet some of the characters of the story:


Morgan is your average university student – a little awkward, a little unsure, and susceptible to any sort of pressure. Really, Morgan is just a boy learning how to grow into a man, find love and achieve purpose in life.
Bran the brain

Bran the brain is the leader of Morgan’s group of organs. He struggles to balance his beliefs in how to lead Morgan in the right direction with the wants of the rest of the organs. Bran just wants what’s best for the body, but it’s tough when Morgan doesn’t always listen to his own brain.

Pepe the penis is the dick we’ve been waiting to see. His impulsive nature often leads him to butt heads with Bran’s logical approach to governing Morgan. Between Pepe’s soft spot and his sturdy better-half, it’s always an adventure with Pepe around.
Hugo the heartHugo

Hugo the heart has an even bigger heart himself. He is caring to the emotional state of others, especially Morgan. He’s an advocate for “true love” and wants Morgan to find “the one”. Hugo just wears his heart too much on his sleeve sometimes.


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