REVIEW: Morning Glories #47

Written by Nick Spencer art by Joe Eisma published by Image.

There’s an adage that states any single issue of a comic should make you want to buy comics. Well this one does! Can’t wait till Wednesday to get me some Secret Wars and some Bryan Talbot I’ve been looking at.

It was this or The Fly, which can be summed up with the words ‘don’t bother’. Then I saw this and remembered it’s supposed to be brilliant. Every podcast I’ve heard treats it like a jerk circle found Kelly Brooks used knickers. Thing is I don’t get it. Not Ms Brooks knickers, the adoration for this comic.

I usually do a paragraph to cover the synopsis but if someone threatened my mums life in order to get me to explain the issue I’d be an orphan in before I could pull a confused face.

The arts as boring as this sentence. The layouts rely on four wide panels as standard, with the odd vertical panel when the artist is feeling brave. Facial expressions are good, storytelling is functional but there’s no life in the art. A scene were some people break into a party and start beating the revellers with iron bars looks like an octogenarian waving it’s stick at the bus cue.

I started to glaze over when I was reading it. It’s about as gripping as Snooki’s front bottom. I can’t remember how it ended and I can’t be bothered finding out.

So yeah, don’t get it. Wanted to, but didn’t.

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