Review: Mr. and Mrs. X #6

Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #6After the ill-fated events of Rogue and Gambit’s honeymoon in space, the couple return to New York City and throw a party to celebrate their nuptials.  Written by Kelly Thompson (Heart In A Box – Dark Horse, Jessica Jones), Mr. and Mrs. X #6 is a humorous yet eventful one-off that chronicles the events of that party while establishing plot points for the story going forward.

The party opens on a note I’m sadly familiar with, being the perennially ‘on time’ person that I am.  Bobby Drake arrives ‘on time’ to the party to Rogue’s consternation and an empty apartment.  Being the only guest in an empty apartment, Rogue drafts him into service in preparation for the party as she frets.  Unbeknownst to either of them, they are being watched by mysterious figures from the rafters of the apartment.  Meanwhile, to Gambit’s surprise, his father arrives next.  Gambit is pleased to see him, but is soon made painfully aware of his father’s true purpose in visiting.  Papa LaBeau takes Remy aside, and as he explains that he is about to be attacked the shadowy figures in the raft drop down into the apartment.  Rogue, making it clear she’ll accept no shenanigans, instructs Remy to take it outside.  Being a dutiful husband, Remy happily obliges.  Setting up a  major plot point going forward, the attackers reveal that they are members of the thieves guild as Rogue joins her husband on the roof.  Dissatisfied with Remy’s leadership and his marriage to a purifying influence in Rogue, they seek to remove him.  While the couple fight on the roof, Bobby Drake takes on the role of host and invites the arriving X-Men into the apartment.  Thompson provides some humorous juxtaposition with the battle above and the light party chatter occurring below.  The exclamation point on this ridiculous situation is Remy falling past the window as X-23 and Bobby casually remark on it.  Having been freed from her inhibitor collar, Rogue decides enough is enough and puts a quick end to the battle.  The two then return to the party and Thompson once again gives the reader a refreshing glimpse into the X-Men with their hair down, so to say.  Thompson uses this moment to expertly add another plot point.  Remy’s ex-wife ,and leader of The Assassins’s Guild, crashes the party and confronts Remy when he is alone in a back room.  She explains the deteriorating political situation Gambit faces and the sexual tension between them is palpable as Remy struggles to be a good and faithful husband.  As the issue ends, Rogue and Gambit find an heretofore unseen present on one of their tables.  As they open it a red light emerges.  The two wake, clothed in their classic uniforms, chained together upside down above a death trap.

Kelly Thompson’s writing is superb in this issue.  Her ability to combine humor, action and emotional stakes is professionally done and incredibly fun to read.  Additionally, she intersperses those moments with candid glimpses of the X-Men in a social situation.  It is refreshing and endearing to see these iconic characters in moments like these.  David Lopez (Avenging Spiderman, Widowmaker) does yeoman work pencilling this book though certain panels seem out-of-place, differing in style than the rest of the book.  All in all though, the characters are beautifully rendered and colored.  This is an entertaining read that provides a perfect gateway for the next chapter of this series.  I recommend you pick it up and enjoy.

Art – 4 of 5 Stars
Writing – 5 of 5 Stars

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Writing – Kelly Thompson
Art – David Lopez
Color – Nayoung Kim
Letters – Joe Sabino