REVIEW: Ms. F #1

Ms. F  Created by Sam Johnson
Issue # 1 by Sam Johnson and Eleonora Kortsarz
Actuality Press
December 19, 2015

If you are looking for a superhero with issues then Ms. F is your hero. Bitten by a radioactive dust mite she gains super powers that her overbearing husband won’t let her use. After having enough of her restrictive husband she finally works up the courage to break it off with him. With a fresh sense of liberty she dons her mask and cape and goes to recruit her fellow super hero Ben a.k.a. “The Kruncher” to go fight crime with her.

Ben a.k.a “The Kruncher” is the one superhero credited with encouraging Ms-F to break out and use her powers to fight crime. But he is reluctant to go back to fighting crime himself because of a humiliating defeat he suffered to a a villain called “Robust Rabbit”.

The first villain Ms. F encounters is Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang is a Chinese man slinging his ammunition with chopsticks at an unsuspecting public. The creators were quite inventive with Mr. Wang holding his ammunition in a large Chinese food box and spewing ethnic racial puns but in my opinion he was not a believable Chinese character. A more ethnic Chinese face would have help with the dramatic flare. The puns used to mock the Chinese food he was throwing as ammunition at the people were a good start and more like them could have been thrown in. The authors do a good job at getting Mr. Wang’s clothing to look ethnic Chinese but overall he did not look convincing. Yet one thing is sure Mr. Wang knew how to use those chopsticks in a fight when Ms. F is coming at him.

For the first edition of this comic this is a good start. It is a well put together story; the artwork was tight and had a consistent look and feel. I look forward to see how the authors grow the main characters and see how they flare up the villains.

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