REVIEW: Ms. Marvel #18

Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan our new teenage hero has always been able to relay on her best friend Bruno Carelli. While she made the transition from normal everyday girl to superhero he was there. When she fought the bad guy’s he was there too with his knowledge and love for tech and science to help. This brought them closer together. This also blurred the lines between friendship and something more.

But as always when feeling become something more so do the disputes that can divided. Because of one of these disputes Bruno was left seriously injured physically and emotionally. With their friendship frayed Bruno did the one thing he though would help. He put distance between them.

Now he is halfway across the world in Wakanda, trying to start over, trying to move on, but it hard to move forward when you’re recovering from injury and realising you are no longer the smartest kid in the class.

So here Bruno is, day dreaming about Kamala and getting into trouble for doing it by his new teachers. Not only is he trying to learn how to use his uninjured hand but he is feeling stupid and behind everyone else. He has one friends thought, well kind of friend, in Kwezi, the smarty pants that sits in front of him in class and also feels the need to call Bruno Yankee Doodle because he finds it funny.  Today though Kewzi needs a favour, Bruno thinks it’s something stupid to impress a girl but Kwezi isn’t listening to no and only hears yes.  And so my friend this is where their little adventure starts.

Kwezi picks Bruno up later that night in his fancy and fast hovercar. They speed though the streets and waterways of downtown Birnin Zana. They stop outside the main research facility and Bruno gets worried.  What are they actually there for and how on earth will they get it.  Kwezi in his own chilled out way lets Bruno know that they are there to borrow some Vibranium….not a big deal right.

Soon Bruno realises that he is to be the distraction in Kwezi’s plan. This is not something he is happy about. But he has no choice and plays the lost tourist. Kwezi somehow gains access to the building and this make Bruno worry even more.

They find the Vibtanium and guess who has to break a bit off…..o yeah our Bruno.  They think they have gotten away with it until alarms start howling and guards start running after them.  So what do two young men with stolen goods do, climb out a window of course.  But with Bruno not able to walk or balance like he use to he stumbles off the edge, Kwezi catches him but not for long and the two fall only to be saved by Black Panther himself. Now they are in for it.

But in a surprise twist Kwezi knows the big man himself and because of this they are let off lightly. Kwezi explains to Black Panther that they only wanted the vibranium to help his friend Bruno. He had made plans to build him a body brace to help Bruno move easier.  What a nice guy he is deep down.  Black Panther lets them go this but warns them not to get into any more trouble.

So the boys make their way home, who know what they will get up to next.

This is a great spin-off story to the New Ms Marvel world. It introduces us more characters in the universe and also connects Black Panther to Ms Marvel.

This is a great read and leave the story open for more adventures of Bruno and Kwezi.

Rating: 4 out of 5

(W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Francesco Gaston (CA) Nelson Blake

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