REVIEW: Munchkin Volume Four

Munchkins might seem cute and magical but that couldn’t be further from the truth, these munchkins have only three personality traits greed, violence and sneaky. Flower and Spyke are two of the worst and would stab each other in the back just for giggles. Don’t let the super cute art fool you this book is not for kids.
Wether they’re training new “meat shields” or looking for a “sidekick” these two really don’t hide their true colours. We get to tag along as Spyke is sent to hell and then heads off with Flower to MunchCon to meet Spykes childhood hero. The misadventures of these two makes for a fun ride with actual laugh out loud moments.

The art change between chapters is very noticeable but since each chapter is its own story with no through thread it doesn’t take anything away from the overall enjoyment of this fun book. So join Flower and her anger issues and Spyke with a ‘Y’ not Spike with an ‘I’ whatever you do don’t get those two guys confused as they do what munchkins do best kill and steal.

Some good stories with some well written jokes makes this a four-star book all day.

Chapters 13-16
Written by Sam Sykes, Len Peralta, Will Hindmarch
Art by Maddi Gonzalez, Mike Lickas, Len Peralta
Colours by Fred Stresing, Meg Casey, Wyeth Yates
Letters by Jim Campbell
Cover by Ian McGinty
Munchkin minis by Derek Fridolfs, Scott Maynard, Wyeth Yates, Meg Casey
Published by Boom!
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?

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