REVIEW: Nailbiter #22

Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Mike Henderson, published by Image

Well I’ve just recently got into the Friday the 13th movies and now I’m working my way through the Halloween flicks so I’m currently typing a review of Nailbiter to John Carpenter’s seminal slasher theme tune.

It’s a series I keep hearing nothing but good things about and despite it losing points for lack of you know what I didn’t feel lost in the issue despite the lack of context. There’s enough character, atmosphere and plot to entertain this new fan of the serial killer genre. It does what all good single issues should do, made me want to buy the trades.

It’s the sign of good writer that they don’t bore you with talking head scenes, in this case your interest is held by character insight and some pithy dialogue that culminates in quite a shocking moment. Thrilling stuff.

The line work is thin but the shading is heavy which is usually a style as clear as the Mersey, but the colour separations keep everything as clear as a nuns conscience. The art itself is an interesting choice, too often I’ve seen an inappropriate style used, usually in licensed comics, that just doesn’t work and I thought this would be. the same situation but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the it all fit together.

So, yeah, one I’ll be getting and if you get the urge to watch a collection of sociopaths trying to live a nice happy stabby bitety life then this is the comic for you and the voices in your head.

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