REVIEW: Namesake # 2

Look, you’re going to have to give people a fighting chance. Or the industry business model is going to have to FINALLY ditch the floppy and go digital/trades, because this unfortunate effort wandered across my bear trap temper and it rather tragically is about to lose a foot, whether it’s good or not.

Fucking recaps, just do them, because I’m sick to fucking death of having to guess what the fuck is going on in a story to the point your mind starts glazing over. Reading this was difficult enough mainly because some of the art feels like a cheese grater being drawn over your eyeballs.

This is all about someone escaping a situation and joining a race? I think. Add to that the post punk art style that Tank Girl made popular only applied with a chunky marker and you have whatever the fuck this was.

There could very well be a good comic in this, but between nonsensical dialogue and overcrowded page layouts I was too knackered to finish it to find out. Not having a clue what happened in issue one doesn’t help either.

Written by Steve Orlando, art by Jakub Rebelka, published by Boom Studios

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