STORY BY Scott Duvall
ART BY Ralf Singh
COLORS BY Nicolas Chapuis
LETTERS BYT aylor Esposito
COVER BY Ralf Singh, Nicolas Chapuis

Right away I will say 5/5 in fact for just this book 6/5 because I love Time travel stuff!  This doesn’t try to get all crazy and re-invent time travel it just creates it from science.  All at once this book starts off and at first you think it’s all about drugs and you think ok some crazy drug fueled coming.  Well your half right.  The fact the character right away is reading a book about time travel which he references as well when he talks about underground Mutant like apes.  He even realizes that he will create a paradox if he goes and tries to change the future.  Then on top of all that another possible future pops up that might change everything again.  Writing like this is why I got into books and comics.  Making your audience literally salivate over the next release is just plain good business.  The 3 main arcs of stories are the beginning the climax and the close and with this book you could have all 3 at the start and keep repeating through the story.  It’s the stuff great movies are made of and literary achievements too.  I know I am gushing but it’s a great book and I hope the writers see this because I loved it.

You already know my grading but pick up this book because if it goes the way I think it will you can be sure they will be a great many issues!

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