REVIEW: Negative Space #3

STORY BY Ryan K. Lindsay
ART BY Owen Gieni
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

In this third issue of Negative Space, from Dark Horse comics, Guy and Beta are going a la commando in an effort to set about the start of the destruction of Kindred Towers.  But faced with such insurmountable numbers, will the depression that has threatened Guy’s life come back with a vengeance?

This issue feels very much like a transition piece, in that the world that Guy inhabits has been clearly explained and shown in previous issues;  it’s now time for Guy to stride forward.  Throughout this issue, I am reminded of the inside of the alien ship in Justice League: Secret Origins, both visually and in the context of the need to destroy it.  The charm of this issue is more about the characters interact with each other and the voices that drive Guy forward, than it is the environment.  neg2

Ryan K. Lindsay continues to excel in this character driven type of story.  Guy, the everyday hero, could clearly be anyone of us.  Who hasn’t had one of those days where everything gets on top of you?  To some extent, Beta may well represents Guy’s depression, with this issue showing Guy working with Beta as a metaphor for how people manage their own depression.  Cleverly, Lindsay doesn’t fall into a “cure-all” approach, recognizing that mental illness is very much an ongoing concern for those involved.

Owen Gieni provides the art, inks and painted colors for the book.  As with previous issues the overall style remains the same, the inclusion of more Evorah notwithstanding.  The art perfectly captures the feel of the writing, to the point where I would be interested in seeing more of Gieni’s work to see how it compares in different types of story.  The use of colors in the book, also goes some way to help show Guy’s feelings, dark background being the most obvious.

Lindsay and Gieni continue to impress with this title, even if after the initial “wow” feelings of the first issue has waned.  This shows how strong a book the two have created.

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