REVIEW: Negative Space #4 (of 4)

“It’s a far, far better thing that I do…..”

After reading this issue and in particular its conclusion, this quote popped into my head.  This story has progressed through a number of twists and turns, leading from emotional drama, a touch of sci-fi, a buddy movie before moving to Guy’s final actions.  I am keen not to give too much away, not wishing to spoil the excellent work of writer Ryan K. Lindsay.

Lindsay has woven a tight story.  Guy is the most normal of “normal guy” heroes.  The dialogue in this issue does seem a little to based on exposition rather than actual characterization, the latter happening in previous issues.  The story does meander a towards the end and I have to say, on first impressions I am not overly keen on the end.  Yet upon reflection, the conclusion serves as its own metaphor about depression and mental health.

The art by Owen Gieni is pretty much as you would expect if you have been reading this series from the start.  At this point, I don’t really need to talk about the heavy lines or the pastel colors used giving the book a look like the love child of Raymond Briggs and something from 2000 A.D.  As said before, the art isn’t strictly the type of art I would naturally choose, but it fits the book well, showing how important it is for writer and artist to combine their strengths in order to produce something great.

This series has been good from the start, however, metaphors asides, the conclusion doesn’t work for me from Guy’s point of view.  This maybe a hangover from my superhero sensibilities.  Along the way, I have grown to appreciate Lindsay’s writing style and applaud his efforts in bringing  mental health out of its own Negative Space.

Writer: Ryan K Lindsay
Artist: Owen Gieni

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