REVIEW: Neon Joe #1

Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
Writer: Jon Glaser
Penciler: Tom Mandrake
Inker: Jan Duursema
Colourist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Jon Glaser who has written for shows and done allot of things for Adult swim has done it again.  He has written a comic called Neon Joe Werewolf hunter.  Now it’s not just that he wrote this comic because of the December 7-11th miniseries that will be on Adult swim at Midnight each night.  The comic which was debuted at NYCC is a telling of his backstory which I believe will be important for the TV show coming up.  It is funny and unique and has all the elements you expect from a comedy writer.  The story focuses on Joe who was abandoned by his parents in the woods and found by a werewolf husband and wife who took him in and raised him.  During the time he lived with them the father cheated on the mother and left so the mother committed suicide by cop and changed into her animal side and ran into the police station.  So Joe was on his own again so he went back to the woods and found an actual pair of wolves he lived with.  So when he was grown he became a werewolf hunter in hopes he would find his father to kill him for what he did.  It has comedy, suspense, caring for others and just a general action packed comic.

I give this one 5+ stars because It made me laugh out loud at some of its ridiculous elements and jokes.  It’s a free comic right now so go to your local store and pick one up!

Check out the trailer:

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