REVIEW: New Suicide Squad #20

The Squad is finally acting as a team and it’s not for Waller… Obviously, it’s to save their own asses after Harley accidentally got them all trapped in a death match with the crazy cult the Fist of Cain. Fighting for their lives they have no choice but to do the one thing Amanda has been trying to get them to do from the start and work together as a team, with Deadshot calling the shots (pun intended) the team shows just how well a group of no good bad guys can work when they stop fighting each other. With her own ass on the line for losing her team Waller heads a team of Captain Boomerang and the Hunky Punk to save the Squad and herself from the Fist of Cain and a new threat of the supernatural persuasion.

This latest arch has been one of my favourites from this series with amazing art that keeps you lingering on each page. The story has been action packed and more fun than some of their previous outings. Hopefully this mix will continue into rebirth, if it does I will definitely keep reading while I wait for the movie.

4 stars for this one.

New Suicide Squad #20
Written by Tim Seeley
Art & colour by Juan Ferreyra
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambotcomics
Published by DC Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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