REVIEW: New Superman #3

Written by Gene Luen Yang, art by Victor Bogdanovic, published by DC

Less of a comic more of a seizure.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried to read something so full of fuck all. It’s set in China and there are analogues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Superman is an unlikable little shit that put me off right away and the fact that it feels like there’s a million words to a panel makes it more like chewing a brick than reading a comic.

The story as far as I can tell is the formation of the Justice League of China and it jumps from scene to scene with very little care for filling in some blanks.

The arts OK, everyone looks like they’ve been for a root canal from Steve Martin and the pages start to feel like Walmart on Black Friday Morning, busy and crowded.

I’m not even sure what the point of this is, my eyes started glazing over towards the end of virtually every page, I did get a sort of Archie with powers vibe off what I could get through though so if that’s your thing and you have a long wait for a short bus and there’s absolutely nothing else to read, take up thumb twiddling, you’ll get more out of it. 1.2/5


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