REVIEW: Nighthawk #3

(W) David Walker (A) Martin Morazzo (CA) Bill Sienkiewicz, Denys Cowan, Publisher: Marvel

If prozac was a comic it would be this. Between Batman, the Punisher and Daredevil I think the night is well and truly protected, so when another nocturnal vigilante with a fetish about stabbing people with grappling hooks steps up to solve corruption and racism in the police force, it not only feels like the ground has been trodden but someone backed their car over it for good measure.

The story is fundamentally OK, the plot does the non sequential angle, some scenes come before others as indicated by the ever so useful tag lines “X amount of minutes ago”. The problem is the dialogue is so dull you start to drift over the text and wind up having to re read bits to get the gist.

Add to the mix some of the most lifeless art I’ve ever seen. Batman analog (because that’s how he started by the way) is on the roof of a van trying to stop an arms shipment and the goons inside look like they are trying to decide the best way to lick the inside of their mouths. Facial expressions kill virtually every scene, the story telling is flatter than your grandmothers chest and blood is pink for some reason.

This comic is leaving my memory already and…

Oh yes I have MILKSHAKE!

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