REVIEW: Nightwing #21

This issues begins with Nightwing perched on a rooftop scanning the city of Bludhaven, thinking of the times most crimes happen in the surrounding cities, Right on cue he hears a woman scream and Nightwing jumps into action. He finds a woman being mugged by a man, he smacks the gun out of the muggers hand. Making quick work of the criminal he defuses the situation or so he thought. While Nightwing wasn’t paying attention the woman who was being mugged picked up the gun and stated that the criminal needed to pay for what he did and before Nightwing could talk the woman out of it she pulled the triggered and fired the hand gun. Nightwing tries to jump in front of the bullet, but knows he isn’t going to make it in time, he just isn’t fast enough. Then all of sudden the bullet disappears and the gun is knocked from the woman’s hand. There stands the Flash Wally West formally Kid Flash. Lucky for Nightwing the Flash showed up when he did.

Nightwing and Flash hangout together going out for a night on the town. When later on after hanging out in a bar, they decided to go to a movie, upon leaving the movie everyone leaving at the same time found that they were all missing valuable items. Wally West had his wallet stolen and Dick Grayson was missing a watch that Batman had given him for his 18th birthday.

Will Nightwing and the Flash be able find this new thief that is able to move outside of time?

This issue was a ton better than the last issue of Nightwing at least the story makes sense in this book. As usual not a lot of action in the issue, but at least the special guest of Wally West made up for it a little.

Michael McMillian did a lot better job than Tim Seely. The story was well written and easy to follow. Even though as I stated many times that I love action, it was still pretty cool seeing Nightwing and Flash put on street cloths and have a guy’s night out. I have always liked Wally West as a character. He has a good sense of humor and his on liners are usually quite entertaining.

Christian Duce did a great job with the art work. His heavy use of shadows on our super heroes worked well with the night-time and the dark alleys of Bludhaven. Nowadays it seems you can’t find a bad artist working for DC, right now they have a ton of talent especially working on the bat family title.

3 out of 5 stars

I felt the story was good but lacked inaction or excitement. There is a villain they end up fighting who seems weak and out of his league. The artwork looks good, as usual with most DC titles these days. If it wasn’t for the appearance of Wally West I doubt this book would’ve gotten 3 stars.

I am growing very disappointed in this Nightwing series especially seeing as how Nightwing is one of my favorite Batman related characters. I will have to say that this issue is unfortunately a pass.

Nightwing #21 (split second)
writer- Michael McMillian
artist- Christian Duce
cover artist- Brad Walker
variant cover artist- Casey Jones

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