REVIEW: Nightwing #23

This issue starts out with a flashback of the original dynamic duo of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson fighting the original Blockbuster. Blockbuster’s origin is explained over the next few pages . Basically it seems Blockbuster is DC’s answer for Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, they’re origins are not similar but they’re powers are almost spot on. It shows how Blockbuster’s brother Roland took advantage of him and ended up getting him locked up. Roland felt horribly guilty for what he had done to his brother and he decided to inject himself with a new version of the Blockbuster formula and began to do good deeds in his brother’s name. This new Blockbuster offers Nightwing his hand in friendship in order to take down the super villain known as Tiger Shark.

Can Nightwing trust this new Blockbuster and together will they be able to stop Tiger Shark?

I know the past couple of issues I have been hard on writer Tim Seeley, but this issue has been a complete turn around for him.

I actually only have one problem with this issue and that is the simple fact that the series won’t stick with one artist. Nightwing has the potential to be a great character he already has a huge fan base. DC needs to find a good writer artist combo and stick with it for a long run on the series.

Like I stated before Tim Seeley really turned around this issue. The story flowed nicely and didn’t leave you questioning yourself as to what is going on. There was actually a good little bit of action in this issue too. The flashback of the original duo of Batman and Robin at the beginning of the book was totally irrelevant but it certainly was pretty cool. Tim Seeley did a great job in this issue keeping me interested in it.

Minkyu Jung’s artwork was okay in the book, I have seen better work from other artist on this same series. It wasn’t that the art was bad, it just didn’t pop off the page at me and didn’t grab my attention. His ability to tell a story through his depiction of the panels is very good but comic books are supposed to be over the top and larger than life and I did not get that feeling through Mikyu Jung’s artwork. 4 out of 5 stars

I was real close to giving this issue 5 stars, but I couldn’t get past the ever-changing artist on this series. It’s not that I hated the artwork on this issue it was just mediocre, and I’ve seen such better artist on Nightwing DC needs to pick on and stick with it. DC has given Tim Seeley a chance and it seems to finally be paying off. They need to do the same thing for an artist because like anyone if they enjoy it, they will keep getting better and it will begin to show in their work and reflect on the book itself.

Nightwing #23
writer- Tim Seeley
artist- Minkyu Jung
cover artist- Marcus To and Chris Sotomayor
variant cover- Casey Jones and HiFi

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