REVIEW: Nightwing # 34


We now come to the conclusion of Raptors Revenge. The issue opens with a brief re-cap of what’s gone on in issues past. Then the action begins as we see the final showdown with Nightwing and Raptor. It’s an adrenalin pumping tale of sweet revenge as our hero attempts to thwart the superhuman Raptor with his cunning and speed. Then we follow our antagonist to the top of the Marcus Casino where the fight continues, away from the innocent crowd as our hero doesn’t want to see any harm come to these citizens.

The Creative Team:

Tim Seeley delivers an action packed punch with this no holds barred issue that brings the tale home, but also gives us a few twists along the way as we learn something new about the relationship between our protagonist and antagonist, it’s a great conclusion to a great story, great stuff. Dick Grayson has his work cut out for him as a human with ordinary, though finely toned strength while our main villain has the blockbuster serum to keep his steroid driven body in top fighting condition, but the former Robin will not give up, a true sign of heroics, not giving up in the face of superhuman threats.

Javier Fernandez is a great illustrator in the action genre as he gives the tale an array of angles that make this an easy read. The splash of Raptor leaping into action is an awesome introduction to this final chapter as we see the determination to bring down Batman’s former side-kick. He helps give us a feeling of helplessness as Nightwing has bitten off a little more than he can chew. Well illustrated to be sure.

In Conclusion:

The final chapter is well worth the cover price as We see Dick Grayson fearless in the face of certain death. We will learn something new about his relationship to Raptor and are given a poignant moment between hero and villain. The final twist is something we probably won’t see coming as the final pages wind down to what will become a satisfying, if bittersweet conclusion. Highly recommended! ***1/2 (8.5 rating)

Writer – Tim Seeley
Art – Javier Fernandez
Colors – Chris Sotomayor
Letters – Carlos M. Mangual
Publisher – DC Comics



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