REVIEW: Ninjak #18: The Fist & The Steel (Part 1)

Valiant has marketed this issue as a great “jumping on” point and I couldn’t agree more.  I have only periodically pulled the Ninjak title but this issue could definitely change my mind.

Set in the future, we find The Eternal Warrior in a meeting with a much older Ninjak.  The two set out to find an old foe and stop his nefarious plans.  The flash forward route is a difficult one to pull off, especially when nothing in the book indicates this is an alternate timeline/else world tale.  The book leaves no ambiguity; we are witnessing canonical events for Ninjak.

Matt Kindt gives us a dichotomously different team.  We see Ninjak appearing wise and methodical while The Eternal Warrior has a more brutish approach in battle.  This works in this team up and the dialogue of each bolsters their character.  There is no question Mr. Kindt respects his characters!

Khari Evans handles the artwork of the “flash forward” main arc of the book and it is exceptional; whether in battle or in full “heroes pose” the characters look great.  We get some background art on the trip to Fakir which isn’t neglected either.  Andres Guinaldo’s “flashback” art fits succinctly with Khari’s arc.

NINJAK_018_003 NINJAK_018_006

The Lost Files fill the knowledge gap for those who haven’t read every prior issue and add to the overall enjoyment of the issue.

NINJAK_018_007 NINJAK_018_008

Valiant has delivered as advertised on this title by opening a great universe of characters for new readers.  This is indeed a PERFECT jumping-on point and why not do it in a title with some excellent writing and incredible artwork.

Story: 4
Art:  4

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Khari Evans, Andres Guinaldo

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