Review: Ninjak #2

Written by Matt Kindt
Pencils by Clay Mann
Inks by Seth Mann
Colors by Ulises Arreola
Published by Valiant Entertainment

The second installment of the Ninjak series provides us with a heavy dose of espionage and sufficient examples of the intricate planning and meticulous preparation employed by Ninjak in his bid to single-handedly topple one of the world’s deadliest criminal organizations and designer of lethal armaments, Weaponeer.

Under the semblance of successful businessman Henry Rollins, Ninjak continues to deliver an Oscar worthy performance that bolsters his standing with Weaponeer’s daunting leader, Kannon. As Henry Rollins continues to impress and pass a series of Kannon’s high stakes tests, he advances closer and closer towards the inner circle of Weaponeer’s establishment and their mysterious associates. When Ninjak attempts to seek even more knowledge that he could use against his targets, we are treated to another appearance, albeit brief, of the deadly assassin, Roku.

Similar to the debut issue, we gain more access to Ninjak’s traumatic childhood and early days of his spying career. Matt Kindt does an exceptional job of utilizing specific elements from Ninjak’s past and subtly tying them in to the current day Ninjak. This is a perfect example of how Kindt continues to excel, not only with his high caliber storytelling, but with his character development skills as well. The descriptive artwork and insightful coloring made Ninjak #2 that much more enjoyable.

Ninjak’s reputation as a premier infiltrator was on full display and firmly cemented with this issue. The level of intensity and attention to detail with the Ninjak series so far is certainly impressive and we are only up to issue 2. You won’t need the qualifications of a world-class spy with the backing of a government intelligence agency to figure out that Ninjak should automatically be included on your weekly pull list.

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