REVIEW: Ninjak #4

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Juan Jose Ryp with Clay Mann, Seth Mann and Marguerite Sauvage
Colors by Ulises Arreola
Published by Valiant Entertainment LLC.

Ninjak’s masquerade as a businessman comes to a complete halt as Weaponeer CEO, Kannon, learns from his dependable bodyguard, Roku, that they have been infiltrated by the world’s greatest spy and mercenary. We are not even granted an opportunity to see if Ninjak flinches after he’s cornered by Kannon and Roku, as this issue quickly dives into the origin of the deadly crimson-haired assassin. Throughout the series we have learned, and seen first-hand, that Roku was an opponent who was not to be taken lightly and that she was an adversary to be feared. We just didn’t know why; until now.

Writer Matt Kindt transports us inside the shattered mind of Roku, so that the reader can experience her account beginning with one of the most bizarre spiritual ceremonies that I’ve ever read in comic books takes place. This dark ritual signals the end of Roku’s humanity as she knew it, but it sets in motion a connection to her inner self that defies logic. Essentially, Roku is killed and reborn with “gifts” she has to prove she was worthy of receiving if her intention is to keep on living. She undergoes a series of challenges against powerful demons, while figuring out how to transcend her previous mental and physical capabilities. This journey of her rebirth ends well for Roku…and as they say, “the rest is history”.

Incontrovertibly, Ninjak #4 is an absolute masterpiece. Matt Kindt delivers an enthralling tale of Roku’s origin unlike any other derivation I’ve ever read…and I have been reading comic books for a very long time. You are not just reading another saga of how an assassin’s career came to fruition. No, you are reading and vividly experiencing the legend of Roku all throughout the issue. Matt Kindt catapulted Roku’s character to a level where she will now command our utmost attention, and most importantly, respect. The art in this issue is stunning, easily allowing the reader to be subjected to Roku’s trials and tribulations right alongside her.

Look out Ninjak! Roku’s got a look, and locks, that could kill!

Until next time Crusaders!

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