REVIEW: Ninjak #7

Written by MATT KINDT

Valiant’s own super spy/super hero is again up to his neck in altered female super fighter trouble.  Being able to head the next member of the Shadow Seven, Sanguine, off at the proverbial pass, Ninjak hears a her life story, before they, you know, fight!

Matt Kindt has been getting a lot of praise for this book and for the most part it is totally justified.  However, whilst the dialogue is strong across the board, I am getting a little fed up with the constant “here is a villain, here is their origin” style of setup.  I understand, that whilst he is universe building, Kindt may be trying to get more pieces into place, but please, leave the reader some surprises.  What is more interesting is the Neville Alcott sub plot, showing there is more going on than just the hero stuff.

Art is supplied by Juan Jose Ryp and whilst it may not be as dynamic as previous artists, but that may not be a bad thing.  As mentioned, this book features an origin story, which suits Ryp’s style, which has a semi-realistic feel aided and abetted by Ulises Arreolo on colors, giving proceedings a somewhat other world feel, especial during the various rituals that Sanguine has to go through.

Valiant has been producing quality books for quite some time now.  It is only now, that perhaps, cracks are beginning to show and they may be resting on their laurels.  With long running books such as XO, Valiant certainly know what it takes to have long-term success.  Here’s to hoping that they can replicate that success for what I am sure they feel could be another flagship book.

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