So on seeing the name of this comic, I had a cheeky smile on my face. Being no angel myself I thought this is bound to be good.

We start off with a young boy concentrating to see beyond his own normal sight, spurred on by his father. When he reaches the moment of more sight, spiders begin to craw from his eyes. As we say here in Dublin, cool or what !!!

We then return to our hero Hannah. She has just been to her father funeral and is now been told she has a sister. And no ordinary sister but one with wings.  This is a hard one to accept and she becomes angry and pull a bit of her new sister Jessica’s wing off. This hurt, just so you know.  This is all becoming a bit much for Hannah who gets herself a beer and composes her thought. She then begin to chat with her new sister to find out a bit more about her, for example how on earth does she hide those enormous wings of hers? Jessica tells her she is home schooled, wears big coats and is just as surprised as Hannah is to discover her new sister.

Jessica’s mums Miriam returns to the room and sends her off so she can explain to Hannah what is going on.  She tells her about The Elioud. A group of like-minded people whose ancestry can be traced back to angelic times. Hannah is not impressed comparing this to a cult. This is not a positive thing in her mind. Tring to convince her otherwise Miriam tells her that this is not a cult, it is not attached to any religion or faith. They just believe that they are descended from angels and that Hannah’s father was sought out he did not come to The Elioud. She gives Hannah a copy of “The Book of Elioud”. This book contains the names of all in the angelic line.

Jump back now to the young boy, who is sitting in what looks like a basement staring at the bones of an angel pinned to the wall. He asks his father what it is and he explains it is Azazel, first of their kind. He though them how to build weapons and to fight. Because of this he was disfigured and tossed out of heaven. But this didn’t stop him. The young boy is confused, what does it mean for them. His father explains that they are on guard and they are the weapons of Azazel and if angels return they will be there to get rid of them.

Back to Hannah, at the funeral Miriam told her that she might have gotten Hannah’s father killed. Hannah wants to know how and why. Miriam tells her that someone is killing off members of the Elioud for the last 14 years. Which happens to be how long Jessica has been alive. This infuriates Hannah, then she realises that the book has the details of all her family members in it, giving the killer a road map to potential victims.

Since all her family were in town for her father’s funeral, Hannah realises that they are all in danger and tries to warn them. Hannah takes Miriam’s truck and rushes to the hotel that all her family are staying in. She grabs her gun and her mum. Then the big hitter happens she finds Jessica hiding in the tuck….what to do next?? You need to wait for the next issue for that.

Star rating is 3.5 out 5

(W) Eric Palicki, Adrianne Palicki
(A/CA) Ari Syahrazad

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