REVIEW: Norman #1


Norman #1

This book is far too cute to be this dark. With a cast of characters that look like Funko Pops this should be a happy-go-lucky title of rainbows and lollipops but if I Hate Fairyland has taught us anything it’s that cute kids killing things can be awesome.
This book feels a lot weirder then I was expecting and it works against it as it feels very random and the writing is choppy and broken, I’m not sure what language it’s translated from but it feels like something was lost in translation. The idea is solid, an 8-year-old obsessed with serial killers and enjoys killing people should be hilarious and fun but it feels forced and dull. The art however is simply gorgeous, I cannot fault the art in this book on a single page it’s a joy to look at.
It’s dark and sad in places and just not fun at all. I was looking forward this one after seeing the cover but Sadly this only gets 2 stars from me.

Script and Art by Stan Silas
Translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger
Letters by Cat Connery
Published by Titan comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics
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