REVIEW: Northeast Comic Con Winter Edition 2015

Convention: Northeast Comic Con Winter Edition 2015
Location: Shriner’s Auditorium, Wilmington, MA

Hi there Crusaders, this will be a 2 part review as I went on Saturday and one of the #TeamCC members, Booster G, attended Sunday, the overall rating will reflect the score for both days!

N.E.CC Saturday Review by Al Mega

Pre-Show: 4/5

The crowd wasn’t as big as anticipated however, the line was under control. There was staff there to help you at the lobby with questions before the show started. They had programs right before you entered the show that were very well done. there was no way you could NOT find something! Everything was clearly marked!

Venue/Staff: 5/5

The staff was great, very helpful and knowledgeable. IF you needed to ask any questions there was always someone around to speak to. The aisle space was fantastic, enough room to move around without pushing people out of the way NY subway style. The promoter of the show Gary Sohmers was a blur, meaning he was all over the place making sure his show ran smoothly, and it in fact did. Never have I seen a promoter that was so hands on, great to see, and his efforts to produce a great show definitely showed! In the venue there was a room called the Throne Room, in there, stand-up comics performed while you could go to the bar and have a brew, at a very fair price, yes a bar! Who say’s comics and beer doesn’t mix. There was also food onsite, at a fair price and you had a place to sit, enjoy the entertainment and even play board games. Then the upstairs is where the panels were held, I unfortunately could not attend any but the word was that the panels were very good!


Guest List4/5

The guest list was really good. The standout was of course the legend George Perez, but, there were also other great guests. Such as the cast of A Christmas Story, John Wesley Shipp, the awesomely talented Siya Oum, Arthur Suydam, Joe St. Pierre, Andrew W.K.  etc….. They were all so super friendly and an absolute pleasure to speak to! It shows that they are appreciative of the fans!


Exibitors/Vendors: 5/5

The vendors were amazing, this show was equally focused on books as well as comic book paraphernalia. They were all very friendly and knew their stuff! Quite a few vendors had $1 boxes and great choices of books, both key vintage and modern books. One of the pluses was that the vendors were willing to work with you on price. I purchased a few books I was after at a fantastic price point!

Cosplay: 4/5

Because Saturday was slow there wasn’t as much cosplay as I’m accustomed to seeing, however, the cosplay that was present was VERY good, below you will see a few samples.

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Final Verdict: This is a show you MUST attend if you are in the Northeast! 4/5

N.E.CC Sunday Review by Booster G

So let’s start at the beginning.  I have always enjoyed this show because to me its allot like going to the show in Franklin MA Harry’s Collectible show because there are allot of vendors and they might have some big ticket items but they are not looking to retire of off one show.  I gained access thanks to our wonderful leader and off I went.  I was pleased to see that even though it took a few moments to get in due to not having a specific section for Media I was able to get in with little to no fuss.  Next step was bag check.

I was there to meet George Perez and I had a wonderfully large bag of stuff to get signed as you all saw in my Twitter feed (Sladeinc).  They passed me through and I was on my way to meet him.  I got up to the line and thought I was expecting more people but they gave me my ticket and said they would let me know when I was up.  So I started walking around.

There were some great vendors and since I am in the biz I knew alot of them and some even knew I was coming so they brought stuff for me to buy!  It was a nice large venue and the man who puts in on knew how to correctly lay it out (unlike some other shows you have seen us review) I found the gaming area in the same spot it is each year run by a close friend of mine and he had told me that Sunday was the busiest day and Saturday was pretty slow which I found odd but continued my search for the money spending.  I also saw my friends at the Wild Bill Root beer company and bought yet another Mug they sell because mine keep getting swiped by friends who cannot attend shows.  Then I headed back to the Perez line which was still on a lower number so next to him there was no line for John Wesley Shipp which was cool because a friend wanted his autograph.  He was super friendly and very talkative and even gave me a few hints and spoilers for the Flash show!  He then offered a Picture with me Also seen at my Twitter and we talked some more before he went to his panel.


I then turned back around and saw I was up next for Perez and boy was I excited to meet a man who has done so much amazing things and created a character I love and Share a name with (Slade AKA Deathstroke) was a thrilling experience.  So I pulled out my Deathstroke Mask, my Figure also Signed by the actor who plays him on TV and my CGC First appearance of Deathstroke to which he looked up at me and smiled and said “You must be a fan”  I replied “Well I have to because my name is actually Slade!”  He then said “Well I guess that means you want a sketch of him then” And right there on the spot he sketched a full upper body sketch of Deathstroke.  It was an amazing feat for me to meet this guy.

CVj89IkWUAIDSz9 IMG_1094

After meeting him I went into the lounge they had and enjoyed a frosty beverage and listened to some live music and then a sketch off.  From what I was told Sunday was the best day people saw because they learned from Saturday how to change a few things like the tickets I mentioned for Perez.  The day before it was just wait in line and a few people said they waited for 5 hours just for the few minutes of talking.  That’s now too bad considering they Perez doesn’t do allot of shows anymore on the east coast.

But I digress I would give this show a 4/5 and really that’s only because the location.  It’s a little out of place and in the middle of nowhere so it is a trip to get to.  Other than that it’s a fun great show and I will be going again and again!




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