Well this is annoying. Please understand I don’t use this word without the correct level of provocation. This comic is “charming”.

It’s the story of Santa’s daughter and her adventures with a Yeti Princess and it’s just as twee as it sounds, but that is a million miles from a bad thing. It’s a perfect kids book, smooth blend of fun, light-hearted shenanigans and whimsical adventure.

The characters are perfect little paradigms, well-defined and I imagine great for kids to identify a sense of wonder and adventure. The writing and art go hand in hand, never patronizing and never talking over a young readers head.

There’s some beautiful and ingenious use of visual language when a young  “trogie” speaks and it’s all in children’s drawings. There’s also a nice bit where you can print off one of those paper doll and clothing things which is a nice interactive part of the story.

An impressive kids comic and a really nice Christmas issue, that includes some cute yuletide mythology to boot.

Written by Jim & Haigen Shelley, art by Anna Liisa Jones (that’s how it’s spelt in the comic) published by Action Lab Ent.

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