REVIEW: Nova #1

STORY BY Sean Ryan, ART BY Cory Smith, PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

So at the start of the book and throughout it’s very strongly written and drawn.  Coming from a great showing of who the Nova corps are from Guardians of the Galaxy we look into the personal lives of a few like Sam and his “Father”.  Now I won’t ruin that any further but even though it may seem like a repeat story told so many times this is a great start to what I hope will be a good series.  Lately my personal focus has been on independent books but I do like to go back to roots when it comes to main characters.  Like the Green Lanterns of DC the Nova corps are the police of the universe and have done a pretty ok job thus far.  I say ok because if they were great there wouldn’t be a need for super heroes like the avengers or many more teams.  But with all the new #1 titles coming out far before the end of secret wars, it’s nice to have a book not spoil anything and give a good read and a fun look at the world of a galactic police agent son and Dad duo.

I give this one 5 stars because it was entertaining and kept me intrigued enough that I will keep reading them for the future.  I also would like to point out that with all the different adult books out there this book is a bit of both.  There is enough violence to keep us entertained but no extreme blood or guts to make it not suitable for all ages.

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