REVIEW: Nova #4

There’s a good symmetry in the stories of old and new Novas, they’re both good characters with solid foundations and the stories here reflect that. Sam seems a little younger than I’ve seen him in other things, which is a bit distracting, it’s hard to believe that this kid who looks about ten can take on someone like Thanks, but that’s pretty much my only quibble.

There’s a contrast between the two stories despite their structures being fundamentally the same and again that lies in the art. Rich Rider gets a more mature, style to Sam’s cartoony line work, which is a testimony to Ramon’s artistic prowess.

The plot is nice and smooth, very grounded despite its cosmic reaches and it’s always nice to see characters re-connect with their roots. While I enjoyed it, Rich Ryder will always be my Hal Jordan in the Marvel Universe, as much as I like the character he should probably have stayed dead for the sake of the new guy.

It’s a strong blend of styles and story telling that I think I might get in trade.

(W) Jeff Loveness, Ramon K. Perez (A) Ramon K. Perez (CA) David Marquez

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