REVIEW: Nova #7

Issue 7 picks up right where number 6 left off and to my enjoyment it also jumps right into the action. When I say action I mean action, Richard Rider is sucked back into the cancer-verse and Sam Alexander jumps right in to try and bring him back. As soon as he arrives in the cancer-verse he finds Richard Rider has been taken over by the world mind. A straight up Nova show down ensues between Sam and Richard, a good fight with one heck of a beat down.

Which Nova will come out of this fight on top, and will Richard Rider be able to rid himself of the world mind?

I really only found one thing wrong with this issue, and it was only that they listed two writers and two artists for this issue and didn’t tell who did what. It seemed like in the back of the issue there was some sort of epilogue and the artwork was different. The credits usually tell who did what pages but not here. Not that big of a deal, the art was great for both and so was the writing, would’ve just liked to be able to give credit were credit is due.

Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez put together a great story, it was easy to follow and flowed nicely with action. They had good dialogue during the fight scenes none of it was put in unnecessary panels. There really wasn’t any way this issue could’ve been written poorly seeing as how a large bulk of the issue was nothing but a throw down fight.

Scott Hepburn and Ramon Perez did an amazing job on this issue, I am to assume Scott Hepburn did the first part of the issue and Ramon did the second but like I said this is simply just a assumption. Any way both artist did a great job they conveyed the action very well through they’re panels, just simply amazing.

I just can’t simply state enough how many great artists are working for Marvel right now. So many books just look so good, I haven’t even seen a mediocre artist in quiet a while. 5 out of 5 stars

I had never been much of a Nova fan, but this issue may have just changed my mind about that. I remember back in the nineties I first seen Nova as apart of the team the New Warriors, I thought he was alright but nothing special. But this issue showed me a new side of the former New Warrior, that I had never seen before. I recommend picking this issue up just for the action alone!

Writers- Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez
Artists- Scott Hepburn & Ramon Perez
cover artists- Dan Herring & Ian Herring

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