REVIEW: Nova #9

STORY BY Sean Ryan ART BY R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Published by Marvel

You it’s funny, people moan a lot about crossovers, I’ve been known to blow some hot air into the balloon myself but this Civil War 2 tie in stands on its own two feet. It does use the event as a back drop but the story is self-contained and feels like a comic you would pick up as a kid thoroughly enjoy and never find the rest of. Samuel Alexander (Nova) is well realized as a teenager with a lot on his plate and a massive monster worm to punch in the middle of New York. Without going into spoilers he gets help from a completely unexpected corner of the Marvel Universe that made me woop with child like glee, being one of the few who truly loved THAT corner of the MU.

At no point does it get wordy, at no point is there any nineties soliloquies combat, there’s just a confused young man, a wise old bastard and in the end some heartfelt story telling. Oh and a bitch slapped giant worm.

The art is clean, fresh and despite a couple of fast paced moments that make you work a little too hard, really good at presenting the story in a crisp style.

One thing especially, I would unequivocally recommend this to a young audience. It handles things seriously but not solemnly never talks down to its audience and Sam is the kind of character kids can aspire to be like, and that’s becoming a rarity these days.

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