REVIEW: Nutmeg #7

Art by Jackie Croft, words by James F.Wright, colours & lettering by Josh Eckert, published by Action Labs

Well, you can tell it’s good for two reasons, 1. It’s Action Labs and they do comics because they love them and 2. I included the letterer and colourist in the credits.

   The only real problem I had was following all the story lines. They’re good, really good, Girl Scout corruption, school girls fighting (not the type of “school girl fighting” you see on the type of websites that make you go blind) and fantasy role playing (ditto the website statement).

   There’s A SHED LOAD going on in twenty four pages and while I’m not the target audience, the target audience will get an appropriate shed load of atmospheric plot lines, sharp characters and a really immersive world.

   The artwork is high on design instead of complexity, making the characters distinctive and the backgrounds feel like places you know. Now and again perspective wobbles or scene changes are a little jarring but it’s nothing that detracts from the charm of the comic.

   So yeah, score another one that needs to be read by more people, specifically younger readers as it’s comparable to Archie comics in its inclusive atmosphere.


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