If you’ve not read issue one why not check out my review for a full recap.


As Peter and Wendy grow closer Hook steps up his takeover attempt of Neverland and the end of Peter and the lost boys once and for all we find out there is more to Peter then just a punk rocker as Hook gets his hand on something of Peters that he’s going to miss big time.

While we all know the story of Peter Pan this is far from the bright and happy tale we’ve been told. With a much more gritty and grounded retelling of the rivalry between Peter and Hook, These two hate each other and with good reason. This story has hooked me (pun intended) and I’ll be sticking with this title to the end and hopefully into a second series.

The art is top-notch with some gorgeous panels and the faces on most of the characters are stunning, Hook in-particularly is drawn very sexy with his tattoos and open shirt… I’ll just put this right here


over all art inside is very well done, I’ve come to expect nothing less from 451 Media.

A full 5 stars for this beaut of a book.

Written by Stephanie Salyers & Dylan Mulick
Art by Leila Leiz
Colours by Thomas Chu
Letters by Eugenio Perez,Jr.
Cover by Edgy Ziane
Published by 451 media
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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Peep the video that inspired a scene in this issue HERE


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