REVIEW: NY Comic Con 2015

Hundreds… Thousands… Yes, thousands of people flooded the doors of the Jacob Javitz Center from October 8-11 excited to join in on the pop culture phenomenon that is New York Comic Con!! A “geek culture” tradition has seen people from all of the world come to the capital of the world, New York City to celebrate the past, present and future of comics, manga, anime cartoons, tv, toys, and of course, cosplay!
While the name in itself may lead people to believe that it is a convention for comic books, it has become so much more than that. Once looked down upon by mainstream media, NYCC has become the hub of news and highlight segments for various programming from NY nightly news show to late night shows.
Fan’s interested in hearing about their favorite titles straight from the creator’s mouth had that chance if they attended one of over fifty panels, over the four-day span of NYCC! Panels ranged from Q&A’s to behind the scenes info to specific subject matter for example researching about comics before writing and creating the action. There were even panels geared to teaching people how to cosplay! (I didn’t attend it, but I heard amazing things!)
There are plenty of places where you can read about all of the non-comic related festivities, but this is Comic Crusaders… Comic… Crusaders… which means… This guy is going to type about the comics. While there were plenty of awesome things I honestly spent most of my time in artist alley, where creators from established veterans to up-and-comers sit behind their tables looking to make contacts and find new readers. That’s the heart of comic con, the place where the title of the whole show comes from. Year ago, back before I was even mobile, all of comic con was just that, creators trying to get their books out next to comic companies promoting the books they publish.
New York Comic Con 2015 was a great experience for attendees looking to rejoice in “geek culture”, enjoying their favorites comic, graphic novel, manga, video game, and anime series while connected with like-minded fans. The con was a wonderful atmosphere with fans getting their opportunity to meet their favorite publishers, companies and creators at a once a year event that is, and yes you can quote me, the comic convention of the year! If you ever get a chance to go I highly recommend it, just don’t be surprised when you wait on-line for 40 minutes for lunch… but when in Rome –eh, New York– right?


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