REVIEW: Oblivion #2

Written by Tim Seeley, art by Romina Moranelli, published by Action Labs:Danger Zone

Nine times out of ten I don’t check the credits of a comic till after I’ve read it, so it came as a weird surprise that Tim Seeley wrote this. This is a million miles away from being Garfield Summer Special, but if I had to list the Action Lab comics in order of quality this would be on the bottom.

It’s still a good read, and right up to the constant knicker shots of a teenage lizard girl I was wondering why it was under the Danger Zone label but it’s a space western that shows more roots than a fake blond trapped on a desert island. Again, not necessarily a bad thing but if you add some clumsy dialogue and a few very jarring TnA moments the whole comic starts to read like the frustrated outpourings of a better class of porn writer.

Stop telling me the Sherrif is an empath, stop getting that girls knickers in shot, don’t make me feel sorry for a giant scorpion that’s only protecting its kids, it’s weird! The plot is strong enough to carry the book though and the art is solid, especially in the over all design, though dominatrix Betty Page was another odd turn up. There’s also some pretty dark humour in a couple of places that works quite nicely.

It’s still head and shoulders above most of the nonsense out there, I’d certainly read another issue but considering this was written by someone with this level of prestige (I assume it’s the same Tim Seeley) the rest of the Lab is showing him how it’s done. 3.7/5

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