REVIEW: Of Bitter Souls #1

Written by Chuck Satterlee
Art by Norm Breyfogle
Colored by Mike Kowalczyk
Publisher: Markosia 

Written by Chuck Satterlee “Of Bitter Souls” is a new telling of Vampires and Vampire hunters set in good ol’ nawlens.  It starts with a typical tour of Nawlens which I myself have been on where you get the graveyard tour and see all the ancestral things you would expect to see in a city shrouded in myths and mystical.  The first fight scene starts off strong but to be honest I was confused about why it kept going back 3 years ago.  But that doesn’t mean it’s bad it just took me a minuet to adjust to the fact they were telling the first part of the back stories of each character in the issue.  Story was strong and left me wanting more, because of that they got me with a hook and I would continue to read.

The art by Norm Breyfogle was colorful and they used good and classic visuals like a Vampire who was dressed to his time period and had a fantastic mustache to the larger gentleman who was clearly on vacation wearing a Hawaiian button up an old school camera although if it’s supposed to be present day it was too old of technology but that’s an easy fix with a time period mention.  Now my favorite part of the issue was when the woman was able to reverse time or possibly see ahead in time and the artist drew and wrote everything backwards that to me was unique and made me really stop and look and the pages previous like I was going to find some special change or something would jump out like that’s not supposed to be there or a hidden message.

As far as stars go I would say 4 stars for this book and that is only because I feel like there could have been a bit more clarification but that could be coming up in issue two.  I think they hit the mark when it comes to the mystery and feeling of Nawlens and I think with more discovery they could make this a book of lots of new possibilities for the Vampire/Hunter genre.  I also hope they continue using those unique techniques like the backwards panels and the use of colorful characters.

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