REVIEW: Old Man Logan #12

Old Man Logan is the best Wolverine we will ever have. From the introduction of the character by Mark Millar in the old series to this current, post Secret Wars II era, we are witnessing some of the best Wolvie stories in Marvel’s long history.

Right out of the gate I want to tip my hat to Andrea Sorrentino. The artwork in this issue was breath taking. A must see.

This issue is part 4 of The Lost Ronin Saga and it does not disappoint. Logan has tracked down Lady Deathstrike, but now he is going head to head with a group of warrior monks known as the Silent Order. The leader of the Silent Order is a teenage boy who has the gift of not only telepathy and telekinesis, but who is also able to see the future, a future which he sees his own death at the hands of Wolverine. Instead of letting these events happen the young boy orders his henchmen to kidnap Logan to kill the killer.

But as Logan explains his very presence in the modern day has changed everything. The future is no longer set in stone. The young boy can let Logan go and no one has to die, but the young man is so shaken by visions of his own death that he can’t allow Logan to live. So the young man uses his telekinesis to slam Wolverine into a deep well over and over.

It’s the very emotional and human story that Lemire weaves that brings us closer to this character than ever before. You can feel Logan’s heart break as he relives his past as he is on the verge of death. His flashbacks to discovering his wife is pregnant in the midst of being killed is haunting, but Wolvie ain’t that easy to get rid of and by the time the issue wraps we’re uncertain if Logan is willing to let the boy live or if he will succumb to his murderous nature.

Final Thoughts: Wolverine is the best at what he does; fortunately for us so is the creative team handling this book. This comic was a very strong offering all the way around.

Final Grade: 4 ½ Stars

Old Man Logan #12
Story: Jeff Lemire
Art: Andrea Sorrentino
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

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