REVIEW: Our Friend Satan

Our Friend Satan (Review of first 17 pages)

Creative Team of Dominik L. Marzec, Lukas Lalko and Michael Murawski

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…Clean and crisp artwork on this cover. Simple colours used very well. The comedic font for the title is ace. That cute little devil tip toeing is adorable.

First time for everything…Nothing better then starting at the beginning of a story.

Some devil worshipers think what a good idea it would be to summon Satan to our little shindig. Well it doesn’t go according to plan. Not for the reasons you might think. Satan doesn’t turn up and steal their souls or kill them all painfully, oh no. He shows up with his spaghetti dinner in his bath robe and slippers leaving the cultists very underwhelmed.

For you see Satan is a middle aged bald man that looks more suited to declining insurance claimes then ruling over the underworld. The devil worshipers were assuming Satan would be a big, red, horned demon, after seeing this tax adjuster looking chap they seem less then accommodating to their guest. Even going so far to asking him for a spell to summon something more scary. Being a jolly good fellow Satan takes out his iPhone and looks up his contacts for a scary demon and gives them the spell to summon him. Heading back to hell to play a friendly game of chess with his pal (who happens to look exactly like the Satan people expect) the two talk about how unfair his image as been since the Catholic Church made him out to be the bad guy. What a good idea the Lord of the underworld has. He will sue the Church and rebuild his image for the children. To be continued in the full graphic novel.

This book is such a good read. It’s so funny. The interaction with the cultist made me laugh out loud not just lol. The art is gorgeous. So clean. The character of Satan is brilliant and so original. Looking forward to the rest of this title.

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The Good, the Bad and the Meh..
The Good – All of it. Loved it. I enjoy a good laugh.
The Bad – Having to wait for the rest.
The Meh – The cover is taken from a panel in the book. Not a big problem but I had to find a meh somewhere.

This is a 5 star book. My first solid 5. I loved it and I challenge anyone (none Catholic) not to love it too.

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