Review : P.R.E.Y Origin of the Species

by Michael Lent (Author), Mike Raicht (Adapter), Alex Sanchez (Illustrator), Bong Dazo (Author)

G’Day Folks!
This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you another comic book review. Today I will tell you about P.R.E.Y Origin of the Species by Michael Lent, adapted by Mike Reicht and illustrated by Alex Sanchez.

In the deep unchartered sea, a team of underwater of marine scientists’ drill is damaged by something foreign then they encounter a species unfamiliar and caused havoc! A team of three returned with only one survivor.

Cloyce, a retired marine hero known as a fearless renegade now drinks away of sorrow in remembrance of his fallen mate Shane (nice name by the way!), he blames himself for his death. After being convinced to leave retirement he finds the cause, and brings one in to test and things go very wrong.
Cloyce gets an unlikely ally in Meg, Shane’s sister whom she thought caused her brother’s death. Together they embark on a mission to save the ocean as well as all life in the ocean.

Great story however, I felt the art a bit of a letdown. At times the panels did not sync well and did not tell the story effectively, I had to back track some pages to make sense. And there were times I felt bored because of the pace was a bit slow.

This would be an awesome movie! Has a similarity to Alien in the mood, underwater no one can hear you scream… (Sorry about that one!) Michael Lent had gone to great length of making this believable and it was very intelligently written, ideal for science fiction lovers.

For me, I didn’t practically love this book but I would love to see it as a film. For die-hard science fiction fans, I recommend it.

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