REVIEW: Papercuts and Inkstains #1

Papercuts and Inkstains #1
Written by Rob Jones
Art by Kevin Pospisil, Mike Smith and Nick Gonzo
Published by Madius Comics

Papercuts and Inkstains is a different kind of comic than what most American audiences may be used to, opting for an anthology style format instead of a full length story centered one a group of characters. This first issue brings us three different stories and serves as an introduction for what new publisher Madius Comics has in store.

All three stories are written by Rob Jones which goes a long way to show off his writing style. While each of these stories is different and unique, you definitely get a good sense of Jones’ comedic style which seems to focus largely on dark, science fiction stories. Jones definitely gives the disparate stories a nice connecting thread even with the various themes covered in each.

Of the three short stories, the second may be one of my favorites as the characters seem the most polished even in just the couple of pages the story last. “Profits of Doom” centers around a group called the Brethren of the Order of Blessed Divinity and Enlightenment. Unlike similar groups in other stories, the Brethren are not the elite in society and it is obvious that they know nothing about using magic to summon demons and spirits to do their bidding. The whole ceremony therefore leads to some great banter between the characters which is highly entertaining and comedic.

The art in all three stories is pretty consistent even with the use of three different artists. The entire book is in black and white which definitely puts a lot more pressure on the art team to deliver exciting and polished work. Overall, Pospisil, Smith, and Gonzo do a great job at that, really bringing out the quirkiness of Jones’ script.

Overall, Papercuts and Inkstains #1 is a fun book with wacky stories which are different than much of what’s being published today. I love the idea of sci-fi/fantasy humor anthology on book shelves and it’s something I wish more publishers would be willing to try out. The story is funny and well written, and the art serves as a great compliment to it. If you’re looking to try something new, Papercuts and Inkstains may well be worth checking out.

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