REVIEW: Pardners

Story: Dale Lazarov
Art: Bo Revel
Publisher: Sticky Graphic Novels

Pardners is the latest release from indie publisher Sticky Graphic Novels. This silent issue lets the art lay the groundwork, but it will be up to readers to create their own dialogue for this story. This is basically gay comic porn. There isn’t much to the story. A flamboyant, cowboy country singer is strolling through town with his entourage and stumbles across a guitar shop. Upon entering he hits it off with the shop owner, ends up buying a guitar, drives back to the guy’s house and has sex with him for the rest of the issue.

As this is a silent issue the art really carries all the weight here. Artist Bo Revel uses a very cartoony(?) style that seems like it would appeal to a younger reader, which is an odd choice considering this book is super X rated. It’s comes off as a very strange mix and while I’m sure the creators were going for a specific look and feel to this book, it just didn’t register with me.

FINAL VERDICT: While this is not the genre of comics that I read, if this is your type of thing you might enjoy this story.  You can find more at

2 out of 5

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