REVIEW: Past Aways #3

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Scott Kolins
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse comics have, for a long time, been creating a diverse range of books, from horror, heroes and  everything in between.  Past Aways is no exception.

Time travellers from the future are stranded in their past, which coincidentally is our current time. Slowly getting used to and/or bored by their fates, the group have renewed hope courtesy of a time rift that after depositing a dinosaur, let’s through a Chicago chomping machine.

The group is made up of the usual personas; there is the strong man, in this case strong woman, a scientist and the could be Android who may be a man. Together they have their squabbles as evidenced by the flash forwards (time travel makes my head hurt). Despite their shared goal of genre back home, the group goes about it in different ways, with the group split up it’s interesting to see the dynamic broken done to see who they interact without the presence of their de facto leader.

Matt Kindt is the words behind the pictures and for the most part,his work stands up well.  The characters all speak with different voices and their interaction seems honest. I did find the little red box and the following explanation at the foot of the page to be more than a little distracting.

Art is supplied by comic veteran Art Kolins, who’s has a strong history the big two. The quality of the work is not in question, it’s the style that for me, seems a tad blocky in places. Looking at the catalogue of Kolins’ work, I have some of the issues, but I can’t recall the art. That may not sound like a damning indictment, after all I do have a lot of comic books. It does mean that for bad or worse the art in those books were neither bad or good.

This issues goes someway to moving the story on for the team.  With an actual means to accomplish their goal, they manage to put aside any differences they might have had in the future and at least for now, work together. Time travel seems to be a big thing at the moment, this is at least one of three books out there, joining the likes of Chrononauts and Ivar, Time Walker. Of the three, this has been my least favourite, but that may have more to do with the quality of the completion rather than any of this books shortcomings.

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