REVIEW: Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #6

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Nothing screams Dungeons and Dragons like giant spiders being ridden by mystical warrior woman. Nice clean art with some decent detail.

Like so many D&D style books we get a rag-tag crew of magic wielding woman and monstrous men banding together to take down a demon Lord. This book gives you what you’d expect and a few moments you wouldn’t, with a twist in the tale as some on the team don’t seem to be playing for the side of good. Magic, Monsters and Mystery all come included in this fast paced beautifully drawn book that does the genre proud. It’s bloody fight scenes make for some great pages and the characters, though not all likable, all seem to have their own personality. Although I’ve missed the first five issues I jumped into this with both feet and it caught me right off the bat.

This is a strong book and I’m sure would have been a great read from the start. 4 star for this action adventure.

Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #6
Written by James L. Sutter
Art by Sean Izaaksev
Colours by Mohan
Letters by Bill Tortolini
Published by Dynamite Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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