REVIEW: Pawn Shop

Story: Joey Esposito
Art: Sean Von Gorman
Release Date: September 23, 2015

Trying to navigate the sea of indie comics that are available today can be overbearing. A lot of the time you will walk away disappointed, but every so often you will find a gem out there. Pawn shop, by the creative team of Joey Esposito and Sean Von Gorman is my latest gem discovered.

This 93 page story is broken into 4 chapters, and tells the story of 4 different characters who all have a unique connection to the same pawn shop. Harold is an old man adjusting to life without his recently deceased wife. Samantha is a train attendant who cares for her bed-ridden brother. Arthur is an at-home nurse that cares for Samantha’s brother during the day while she works. And Jen is a young women with a troubled past, trying to change her life and make her way in the big city. While each character struggles with their own issues, they all share a common need to let go of something in their life that is holding them back. Each character has a chapter devoted to their personal story. With each story read, you begin to get a sense of the bigger picture and the anticipation for how the stories will eventually collide, grows. And worry not, Esposito and Von Gorman deliver an emotional, well thought out ending that really ends the story and leaves the reader feeling fulfilled.

Final Verdict: Joey Esposito and Sean Von Gorman should be proud of the piece of work they have created here. Esposito’s story is meaningful and engaging and Von Gorman’s art fits perfect with the story. If you’ve ever had to deal with hard times, it shouldn’t take you long to build a connection with the characters. I seriously recommend reading this book. If you like it, pass the word. Pawn Shop is a great story for non comic book readers as well and shows there is more to comics than capes and bat-a-rangs.


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