REVIEW: Paybacks #2


Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal return with Geoff Shaw on art and Dee Cunniffe adding the colors.  I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for issue two since reviewing the Heavy Metal published return of Paybacks.  This is such a fun title to read and the team continues to deliver in this issue.

A quick catch up for those who made the mistake of not picking up issue #1:

The Super-Dex, a list of secret identities for all superheroes, was leaked the web.  High Guard, Leader of the most powerful superhero team–THE COMMAND, blames the Paybacks.  High Guard has declared war on the team.  Mr. Pierce, the shadowy owner of the Paybacks has offered freedom for anyone killing a member of THE COMMAND.

This issue begins to flesh out Miss Adventures’ role in the story and opens up new mystery with Bloodpouch.  We also get to see more of the team exploring the vastness of the Van.

The writing is satirical and refreshing and no character is treated as inconsequential.  I guarantee you will read this book multiple times to pick up all the references strewn about the book.  The art is good with several great splash pages.  Colorist Dee Cunniffe brings the art to life with great reflection and shadows.  The panel layout changes provide a benefit to following the story and Taylor Esposito’s lettering is dead on.


I cannot find anything I don’t like about this title.  It remains a satirical look at superhero books, but is still, at its heart a superhero book.  This juxtaposition plays perfectly in the title and makes it a stand out series for readers.  I will continue to be impatient for the following issues.

WELL DONE to the creators and HEAVY METAL publishing yet again!  One question I have for these fine folks providing me the opportunity to review this work . . .



Cheers, as I am off to do more cardio!


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