REVIEW: Perfume for the Widow

Diego Sieiro , Abraham Carreiro

A short tale based on The Devil’s Fart, by Alvaro Cunquiero, is  present in this little 8 page book.

The story begins with a suitor and his friend chewing the fat regarding the Widow Sorian and her potential suitors.  The art is quite charming, in that it looks like a funny book, with  caricatures in place of characters.

The story unfortunately, doesn’t hit the same level. In essence, the ploy in play is to wed the Widow for her gold, leading to a mighty effort by Corcubillion to the point I was hoping for a totally different outcome.

The book was ok as a piece of art.  But as a funny book, I am afraid to say that they creators forgot to bring the funny.

You can purchase a copy here

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