REVIEW: Persia # 1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Persia #1 by Edward L. Sims with art by Donald McQuay, Luca Cicchitti with Ernest Jocson and Bryan Arfel Magnaye on colors.
Proudly published by Kensai Productions.

In the snow-riched mountainous area of Northeast China, where a research party is assigned looking for Loo Tan’s ancient tomb. Scientist Dr. Persia Dushon has been requested to her office in a matter of urgency, as she has a very important visitor. Who happens to be a representative of the office of The People’s Republic of China Mr. Mok Chen and in due course you find him to be a bit of a dick! The increase of snow and the density of surrounding too dangerous to fly by helicopter, Mr Chen has to stay for the night at least until the weather clears.

Dr. Dushon has a series of dreams which forces her to start sleepwalking through the snow wearing only her sleep wear, in these dreams she meets Loo Tan and lures her to his treasured tomb. Not without Mr Chen stalking her movements.
What happens next? Read it and find out!

I liked the amount of narration and dialogue in this book and it really helps when the writer is also the letterer and you get the sense of what the writer is trying to say when telling the story. Even the thought bubbles are a ‘blast from the past’ and they worked in emphasising the character feelings and emotions. The art complements writing very well, it is easy to follow and each character is distinctive.

Dr. Persia Dushon is a liable character due to her adventurous ambitions and her care and trust of her colleagues and staff shows a sensitive side. In terms of what happens in the conclusion of the book will questions unanswered and readers will be left wanting more.

Much better than Sim’s previous work, for fans of adventure and magic, do ya’self a favor and check it out!PERSIA PAGE 20

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