I’ve got a weak spot for zombie folks. Pestilence issue 2 was exactly what I wanted this week. I wasn’t even expecting a zombie story and a surprise zombie story is the best kind. Pestilence is a story created by Eric Bromberg, Brandon Auman and Frank Tieri. Frank Tieri writes one heck of a zombie tale here. Set in mysterious medieval times we follow the Assassins Arm of the Church (which is an excellent name for a group of assassins) as they are slowly exposed to the zombie plague. Art is done very creatively by Oleg Okunev as he has the style of the middle ages down to a letter. The background and even the smallest detail of the assassins armor was noted. It was a fun comic to look at. Oh and the zombies. Zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES!!!!

Our group of assassins are on a secret mission to the Vatican and are met with the zombie challenge on their journey. Plus one of their own has been bitten and though they have new to the zombie plague are about to get a crash course on it. The writing team does a great job of walking the characters through this nightmare of a world. I felt as if I was accompanying them on this journey and at any moment I was going to have to face an onslaught of zombies. Which I would gladly do.

After losing one of their own to the “black death” and getting a rough history lesson and experience on zombies, they arrive at the castle Vatican where it is swarmed by zombies. They are everywhere. Under the water on land I mean the sheer magnitude of the zombies on the pages must have taken some time and a lot of effort. My hats off to you Mr. Okunev. They are literally coming in zombie waves. As the crew makes their way to shore with minimal losses they fight their way to the castle where they are safe for now but then presented with yet another mission. Which I can’t wait for the next issue already.

Something about a zombie story gets my blood pumping and a good one really keeps me on the edge of my seat. Pestilence #2 did exactly that. The artwork woven in beautifully with the story kept my attention and I reread this comic many time already. I really enjoyed it and will be throwing it in my monthly box as I can’t wait for issue three. This is going to be a fun ride. I can tell already. Pestilence #2 gets five out of five stars!!

(W) Frank Tieri (A) Oleg Okunev (CA) Tim Bradstreet
Publisher: AfterShock

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