REVIEW: Phonogram #1

Writer – Kieron Gillen
Artist – Jamie McKelvie
Colours – Matthew Wilson
Letters – Clayton Cowles

Don’t judge a book by its cover…So 80’s I eeeek’d. Being an 80’s kid this cover bought back memories of my mum and older sister sisters fashion choices. Love it.

First time for everything…Plan B, so music is magic and if you know how to use it correctly you can do anything, just like the Phonomancers.

We start in London late 80’s and as young girl Claire watches music videos for the first time, hypnotized she sits and stares as something inside the music offers her power, great power in exchange for half of her personality. Fair deal right? She thinks so.

Turn of the millennium and the girl, has grown, both older and colder. changing her name to Emily.She and a friend visit a night club full of Phonomancers creating their own coven for music lovers. 2009 and the coven seems to have taken over much of the music scene in London if not the world. Inside the void or the static between channels the other half of Emily’s personality sits and watches. Waiting for her change to get out. She catches Emily alone and drags her inside her computer monitor and switches bodies with her. Now the self harming vulnerable Claire in is charge as Emily runs for her life.

Not really sure what to make of this comic. To be honest I went into it thinking I was going hate it as much as the wicked and the divine, but thankfully it didn’t have anywhere near the language of that book. It does have a lot of swearing. But I’m guessing now that’s all the writer knows how to write. The story is ok. It’s a good idea. Not really clear on what it’s building to. It didn’t peak my interest enough for me to read the next issue. It’s a comic for a very specific audience and I’m afraid that’s not me.

You kiss your Mother with that mouth…As I said before the language in this book is a bit much. I don’t mind the F word, as long as needed. One over the top part did make me laugh. Vox telling  Emily to hold on to her clit incase it explodes.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh…
The Good – Art is great and the idea is there.
The Bad – The language put me off right away. The pacing is very slow.
The Meh – Trying too hard to be grown up. Swearing isn’t grown up or cleaver.

All factors involved I’m gonna give it 1 star. Which isn’t for the Writer it’s for the artist.

Do you agree with my review?

Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of the book.

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